'Cherry Blossom' Chinese Brush Painting with Viktoriia
'Cherry Blossom' Chinese Brush Painting with Viktoriia

'Cherry Blossom' Chinese Brush Painting with Viktoriia

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Wednesday 12th June 7-9pm @ Sea Sky Gallery


This 2 hour workshop with Viktoriia will show you the basics of Chinese Brush Painting - with a wonderful theme of Cherry Blossom!


Chinese brush painting is about capturing the essence, or spirit of something; it's a symbolic expression of a plant, landscape, animal, tree, or figure, using minimal brushstrokes. It can help you centre your mind, and is especially useful if you've found some success with mindfulness through art.


Viktoriia Bezugla.from Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine and is a well know artist with her own studio and she taught art lessons in school. Viktoriia has also participated in international exhibitions. 

Viktoriia works in different mediums including oil paints, acrylics and gouache and this project workshop is working in gouache to create your own Brush Painting masterpiece! 

Price includes all materials needed and refreshments.