Furoshiki Workshop with Miki
Furoshiki Workshop with Miki
Furoshiki Workshop with Miki
Furoshiki Workshop with Miki

Furoshiki Workshop with Miki

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Learn the traditional Japanese art of Furoshiki wrapping! 

This 1.5hr workshop will show you how to use the ultimate sustainable wrapping - Furoshiki. A traditional reversible furoshiki is perfect for all type of gift wrapping and will be included in the workshop fee for you to take home! 

Miki will teach you how to wrap a gift, a bento box and even a kimono for a bottle! She’ll also teach you how to fold a large Furoshiki for everyday use….

" What is Furoshiki? "

In the bathhouses of Kyoto, people used to bring their clothes wrapped up in cloth with their family emblem. This meant that you can find yours easily in a crowded changing room! This cloth was used like a bathmat while they got changed. "Furo" means bath in Japanese and "shiki" means to spread out. From here Furoshiki evolved and a square cloth has been used to wrap and carry things in Japan for hundreds of years.

In recent years, Furoshiki became popular again as an eco-friendly alternative to single use wrapping paper and plastic bags (yes large Furoshiki can be a bag!). 

Modern furoshiki is popular as an ecologically friendly alternative to wrapping paper.

Refreshments and small Furoshiki worth £9.50 included in the workshop.....! 

Miki runs ‘HanaBee’, a Southampton based company, and has beautiful fabrics (which she makes into Beeswax Wraps) and Furoshiki sent from her native Japan.