KNITTERATI! Casual knitting, crochet & stitch session - Informal

KNITTERATI! Casual knitting, crochet & stitch session - Informal

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A long time ago, a group of us got together to have a  ‘knit n natter’, a ‘stitch n bitch’, a knit one, sip one session in The Square Rigger in Hamble and the ‘Hamble Knitterati’ was born! 

Much time, many changes and lots of wool have gone by since then, but recently I am aware that some of the old knitters are keen to get back together! 

These sessions would be for anyone who would like to learn the basics of either knitting or crochet in order to attend some of the more advanced workshops - they would not be formally taught, just by others attending that are willing to show you how….. and as such, isn’t something we would charge for, but would just ask for a donation on the evening towards heating and lighting the gallery and the odd glass or cup of something nice!!! 😉

There will be equipment to borrow, and wool to buy, but you are welcome to bring along whatever you have. 

Those who know their stuff are welcome to bring along whatever they are working on…. It’s always good to see what everyone’s doing and to share ideas! Knitting, Crochet, Sewing - anything goes! 

Space is limited at the gallery, so I would ask people to book in, but if you decide you can’t come, then just let me know so someone else can take your place! 

Look forward to seeing some new faces! If you have any questions about this, contact me for more information.